For anyone who has heard me speak (and I spoke this week at the SME event hosted by ABL) you know I love to share the story of it is up to us as marketers to give customers something worth saying.
I tell of when RedBalloon left home (that is when we stopped being a home based business ? I had nine people in the front room and it was time to go) This was in early 2003. (This is the fact that I omitted to mention). At the time because RedBalloon was such a small business we struggled to get support with the move.
I go on to say how the Telstra business awards were great for us getting ‘noticed’ and how clever of Telstra to discover who is up to what in SME land. (The awards form has formed part of our induction for new employees for instance.)
Because of the awards, this has given me the opportunity to meet many and various people from Telstra.
I experience Telstra as a very different organisation now, and this is the bit that got missed out of the presentation on Tuesday. In fact, I did not finish the story of how we experienced the move last year.
Compare the experience of the first move in 2003 to April 2006 – completely different. I’m sure there is some flag on the Telstra system that says we entered the awards because we have an account manager assist us – and they did a spectacular job.
But it is more than that. I was asked for my input on how Telstra could connect more to small businesses. I remarked that where I believe smaller businesses are going to get the greatest leverage is through technology and communication innovations. And that as a business owner we often struggled to see what opportunities are available to us. When I was at Apple a long time ago we had evangelists who would talk ‘into the future’ of technology and that is what we are looking for from our telco’s education.
Imagine how pleased I was to be included at the launch of NextIP to hear about what tools are available to us for near future innovations.
Telstra just is nothing like the organisation that we were dealing with in 2003. If it has changed so much in just a few years I’m excited by what the future holds.
I wish I had been asked the question in the presentation, ‘So how do you experience Telstra now?’ Then I would have remembered to finish the story. Though I suspect the story is just beginning.

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