It was actually Marcus Buckingham who said in the book ‘First Break all the Rules’, that leadership was more important than ‘company sponsored dog walking’. This is relevant when you look at the segment from sunrise.
We have had many emails from this article on Sunrise about – ‘What breed is Dexter?’ (Spoodle) He has the role at RedBalloon as the Head of Security.- and he is a very long term employee (employee #2).
There is much more to being a great place to work than having a dog, in fact, sometimes he works against employee engagement when he barks at a courier, pops a balloon (or two) or a special effect is if he fart’s in meetings (very anti-social). The video gives you a bit of an insight into our work place.
What I would have added to the clip is “No fun at work makes it a boot camp… all fun makes it a kindergarten. Fun needs to be tied to commercial return.”

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