I went to the launch of a new space last week. Lucy Cornell who has been a voice coach for many years has grown her business to create a space to develop great speakers.

It has been fun to work with Lucy (as a participant of her program) but also to talk about her business. She has a clear vision of what she wants to do, and why.

She outlined that if you ask a group of people to identify who are the world’s great speakers, usually Mandela, Gandhi, Churchill, Luther King and Obama make the list. It is very rare that an Australian comes top of mind.

Fascinating to explore what makes a great leader…. Is it the ability to be an inspirational speaker? Apple produced an ad years ago – “Thanks to the Crazy One’s.” which was produced in the few years after Steve Jobs returned to Apple.

There are many great leaders who are not necessarily great orators. Leadership is the ability to align people to a single purpose – a ’cause’ if you like. This is the same for business leaders. The question is how united is an organizations people to it’s sense of purpose.

Lucy with her team at Voicecoach are ‘changing the world with inspired speaking.’ – What a wonderful idea. Imagine if we never again had to sit through a boring power point or someone reading from their notes. 

I enjoyed the Chaser’s satire of comparing President Obama and Prime Minster Rudd…. Which was at the launch to demonstrate how important using simple language is….

A bit of a giggle.

Well done Lucy and the team at VoiceCoach

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