Who wrote the book on success?
Imagine if Martians came to earth and saw a game of soccer being played. They have no idea about the rules or why when a net stops a round object and not a human, people cheer really loud and hug each other. It appears to make no sense at all. Then they might know the rules and that there are two competing teams but still it makes absolutely no sense at all because they do not understand that there is a score.
Scorecards just tell us whether we are on track to win the game or not. But business is just a game. One of my dear friends often reminds me if I am getting very serious about something. ?Did anybody get hurt today because of this disaster?? ?No? ?Ah, so you?ve just lost sight of the fact that you are playing the business game? ?Yes?.
To be successful you cannot always play in your comfort zone. You?ve got to push yourself beyond what you know your self to be capable of. Without getting significant about it.
I?ve learned to laugh out loud, to make a joke, to tell a story. My team knows when I am getting too significant about something. It does not mean that I do not make a stand for what I believe, or be committed; it just means that I keep the whole thing in context.
We only get a short life, we may as well make it a great life and have lots of fun.

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