I love the fact that big organizations ask me to speak to their people about innovation and leadership. This is where I came from. I love sharing the journey and creating the future. Daring to imagine what could be possible if only we let ourselves dream.
I drive my team spare, I want to do before I think. I get into trouble regularly for being a bull at a gate, impatient, passionate? and often foot in mouth.
This poem touched me… it reminded me that business is just a game? and to ask myself ‘Did I have fun today?’. If the answer is no? what am I going to do about it?
I share with permission from the author – if you want more go to TheBigmoo.com
They Say I’m Extreme
They say ‘I’m extreme’.
I say ‘I’m a realist’.
They say ‘I demand too much’.
I say ‘they accept mediocrity and continuous improvement too readily’.
They say, ‘We can’t handle this much change’.
I say ‘Your job and career are in jeopardy; what other options do you have?’
They say, ‘what’s wrong with a ‘good product’?’
I say ‘Wal-mart or China or both are about to eat your lunch. Why can’t you provide instead a fabulous experience?’
They say ‘Take a deep breath, be calm.’
I say ‘Tell it to Wal-Mart. Tell it to China. Tell it to India. Tell it to Dell. Tell it to Microsoft.’
They say ‘the Web is a useful tool’.
I say ‘the Web changes everything – Now’.
They say, ‘we need an initiative’.
I say ‘We need a dream, and dreamers’.
They say ‘great design is ‘nice’.’
I say ‘great design is necessary’.
They say ‘Effective governance is important’.
I say ‘bold, brash boards that are representative of the market, served more than a token woman or two and an empty seat for the ‘forthcoming Hispanic’? are an imperative? Now’.
They say ‘Plan it’.
I say ‘Do it’.

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