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Way back in May 2001 Kathy Mason contacted Bridge Climb to let them know that RedBalloon would be launching later in the year. She invited them to become a supplier to list its experiences in time for launch.
At the time the response was “Let’s wait and see how RedBalloon goes. Each product manager that has joined RedBalloon in the last decade has taken it on as a personal challenge to pitch the idea of how fabulous it would be for Australia’s most iconic experience to be with Australia’s leading online gift experience business. Each time Bridge Climb has responded that we are doing great things – but not yet.
I have met the Bridge Climb founder and chairman Paul Cave many times – in fact over the years we have become good friends – he has even come to RedBalloon to share his story with our team. And I understand that Bridge Climb is a corporate customer of RedBalloon.
We have danced for so long, and this week with the launch of Bridge Climb on RedBalloon.com.au we have finally become engaged.
And of course I was for the first RedBalloon customer. I purchased my voucher and booked in for the very next day… So on Friday morning I checked in for the express climb…. the sun shone – the day was perfect.

The first of many RedBalloon customers to do BridgeClimb

Suited and kitted up, a clever, funny and informed guide took the 15 participants on a magical trip. On the walk you feel as if you get to really know Sydney – you feel a part of something bigger. You also feel immensely proud of the vision it must have taken for then NSW premier Jack Lang to invest in a bridge with far too much capacity for the time.
I feel so very lucky that Bridge Climb have chosen us to represent them – and even more delighted that we can now share this with our customers.
So if you already have a RedBalloon gift certificate, gift card or have points in one of our corporate programs – now is the time to spend them – lash out and do this very special experience – that is so iconic to Australia.

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