Disengaged Employees

What do you think of the image above of a disengaged employee rant?
I have blogged before (even yesterday) about how employees are the new customer – but sometimes no matter what your intentions are as a manager, you will have an unhappy customer. Wrong person, wrong role.
Personal blogging and social networking sites are an amazing tool – but are we educated enough (or even ‘civilised’ enough) to use them for good and not for evil? Cyber bullying is rife.
Organisations do have rights too. Defamation is a crime. Employees may well have a voice (as do customers), but using that voice to bully or belittle will not get them anywhere in the long run.
Ironically, at RedBalloon we see Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr as tools of the trade to build our brand reputation and let people know us better.
In fact, if you want to see how we use these in our marketing communications, then follow.

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