I sometimes sit here and think that I am in the most competitive market on the planet. You try launching a new gifting concept when many people resort to retail gift vouchers when they are selecting ‘that special something’ for someone. “No” I silently scream, we have got enough stuff, give them something that they want to do rather than something that they will have.
But we are managing to get by, we have found our place in the world where our competitors Myer and David Jones don’t play. But I was asked recently about how to differentiate a business in a highly competitive market, it got me thinking about the essence of a business.
Some businesses late to market, thrive. Reading “Built to Last” by Jim Collins will give you enough evidence on that one.
I know we keep a healthy eye on trends in gifting, but it in no way consumes us. Others might try to emulate what we are doing, but it is the intangible things that cannot be copied. We have found that it is who we are that makes the difference. It is the team members who every day live our values that get people talking about us….quite frankly it is priceless and no amount of advertising can do the same.
“…..I think that the experience of having a complete stranger go out of her way to assist me in the way that your organisation did was probably even more of a reward than getting the voucher back. In this day and age, customers are rarely given the support and assistance that Erin provided to me – it was truly appreciated and will be long remembered.
You are an extremely lucky company to have an employee as diligent and helpful as Erin working for you. I would like to extend my very deep appreciation and thanks for the assistance that Erin provided.
John Massey”
Competitive advantage comes back to people, their ingenuity, commitment and passion – this is what differentiates an organisation.

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