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Verne Harnish raised an interesting question this week in his Insights Newsletter… the notion that there are no such people as ‘internal customers’. This week I had such a variety of customer conversations. I am very clear that our customers are those people who spend money with us…. However I also believe that the idea of customer extends to those people that allow you to be profitable – and to that end I include my experience suppliers in my ‘customer’ groups.
It is true though that I have often spoken about ‘employees as the new customers’ – but there is a subtle difference in language compared to the term ‘internal customers’. I consider my fellow RedBallooners as my ‘colleagues’ and that we are all very much equals – with every person contributing ideas and energy towards achieving our purpose. Employees as the new customers – means to me ‘that I am all ears.’ Also I think that the term ‘internal customer’ implies one person is ‘serving’ another. And that is not the case at RedBalloon… we work side by side, supporting each other. All food for thought though.
So I agree with Verne – that there is no such thing as an ‘internal customer’, but I do think we can have more than one customer group.
This week – is all about preparation for a very busy few months.
Sunday: RedBalloon is on Kochie’s Business Builders 10.00am Channel 7
Monday – Tuesday – One on One meetings and preparations for end of trimester.
Wednesday – Working on a new project (doing some planning and forecasting)
Thursday – Speaking engagement for Westpac Private Bank on Customer Experience.
Friday – Touch base with the Customer Experience team at their weekly meeting

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