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Three separate trips to Queensland and two trips to Melbourne in the last 7 days…. meant that in addition to speaking to four wonderful and very different audiences – I had the opportunity to compare the three main airlines – and to get to know crews and ground staff quite well – I am always fascinated to learn about other organizations and their employee experience.

Each presentation was different, – one on the ‘growth story’, one on ‘brand connection’, one on ‘customer experience’ and one on ’employees as the new customers’. By Friday night when I was back in Melbourne I was so very ready to enjoy a wonderful RedBalloon experience. Brian hosted my daughter and I at Melbourne’s most awarded Thai restaurant for the Indulgent Thai Dinner for Two.

It was wonderful to hear Brian share about his journey as a RedBalloon supplier – which capped off a week of meeting many of our experience suppliers. It was amazingly fulfilling to hear the impact RedBalloon  has on the very different businesses. From a masseuse to a railway operator,  a boating experience to a baby experience, and a day spa owner who had recently sold her business… she said that the fact that she was a RedBalloon supplier had worked in her favor as she exited her business.

How wonderful as RedBalloon grows – so do our suppliers…

Coming up this week

Monday: Business round table in Melbourne and catching up with an past Apple colleague (it is 20 years since we worked together)
Tuesday: Back to Sydney – business meeting in the evening
Wednesday: Breakfast and lunch to celebrate the RedBallooners who have been promoted (17 in total) – and working on the RedBalloon community project
Thursday: Another breakfast of celebration – media interview and in the evening hearing Bertina Ardnt speaking
Friday: To Perth to speak at an AICD lunch and on Saturday I am presenting at a family business association conference

Reading: Brand Failures – The Truth about the 100 Biggest Branding Mistakes of All Time

PS It is Fathers Day on Sunday – So please remember that RedBalloon can give your Dad a wonderful experience…. and you might be surprised at how inexpensive some of our range is. Like the Tall Ship Experience in Melbourne for $25 – One by one we are changing gifting in Australia and NZ with meaningful experiences… let your Father be part of the story this weekend.


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  • Reflecting on this weeks planning session... people of different backgrounds, different ages, nationalities all united by a shared senses of #purpose to do something meaningful and valuable for others. #leadership #quote
  • Each year I look at what it is I want to achieve. And how I want to contribute. I also build new messages and insights for my keynotes. One topic I’m considering is Influence... how to impact others. This will incorporate personal leadership, but it is far more shifting viewpoints and aligning people.  This is what I’m working on at the moment.  What are you planning for 2018?
  • Looking good team! #BRG #kickoff
  • Oh it’s all about #BRG and 2018 for the next few days ❤️ Love to plan 💙Love to dream @redballoon @getredii @davidchristopheranderson @wrappedbyredballoon
  • Loveit @redballoon and this is what we do for our day job!


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