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All in a days work – Rally Driving

It has been a few weeks since I managed to sit and write what I am up to. In fact I seem to have been running very hard recently… Yet I have been up to some really amazing things – as well as fabulous experiences. In the last few weeks I have:

  • been Rally Driving
  • sat on the Heads Over Heels advisory panel
  • attended the launch of Bazaarvoice on RedBalloon
  • met with big wigs from Amazon Web Services
  • attended a Business Chicks Breakfast & a Business Chicks lunch
  • attended the CEDA lunch on Women in Leadership
  • recorded a video interview
  • been to the Polo in the city as a guest of CBA Women in Focus
  • attended the Elton John and Coldplay concerts
  • been to the launch of Escape publishing
  • attended an Entrepreneurs Organization educational event
  • had a board meeting and audit meeting
  • lunched with the RedBalloon newbies
  • and written six blog posts for the LinkedIn ‘Thought Leaders’ program

No wonder I have been too busy to give an update…
And last week I also had the privileged of being a national judge in the 2012 Telstra Business Women’s Awards – for the innovation category. Such an amazing diverse group of women: we had a hair dresser, a miner, a riding school instructor, a health administrator, an artificial intelligence expert, a pole dance school owner, a concrete floor polisher and a carbon accounting system designer.
Now that is what I call a tough job… but in the end the winner was a quiet achiever who is having a global impact. Maureen Clifford co founder at Ndevr

Recognising a need for companies to monitor and reduce their environmental footprints in a carbon-conscious world, Maureen Clifford developed an environmental accounting and reporting system. It captures energy usage, calculates the CO2 of individual gases, and generates information to help companies comply with the National Greenhouse Energy Reporting legislation.”

National Testra Business Woman for 2012 – Carolyn Creswell – Carman’s Fine Foods

Also I was so delighted to see Carolyn Creswell Carman’s Fine Foods be named both the Business Owner and the overall National winner for 2012.

‘One of my greatest thrills was leaving a supermarket shelf in the heart of New York City groaning under the weight of our products and coming back the next morning to find the shelves empty.’ Carolyn Creswell
“For 19 years Carolyn Creswell has been at the helm of Carman’s Fine Foods. As Managing Director she has grown the product range and reach of the privately-owned Australian company that now stocks the country’s major and independent supermarkets and airlines. The range of healthy food snack lines, including muesli, muesli bars, porridge and muesli biscuits is exported to 32 countries.”

Also I was very proud to meet Torrie Mackinnon the Victorian young achiever, her business has been a supplier to RedBalloon with dolphin swims for many years.
Congratulations to all the women who put themselves forward… inspiring.
Coming up:
Monday: Meetings in Melbourne
Tuesday: Sydney Office
Wednesday: Voiceless awards night
Thursday: Best Buddies day and Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Can’t believe it has been 12 months).
Friday: Business round table dinner
Saturday: Entrepreneur Organization end of year function
Sunday: The day of rest…

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