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Interesting little transition last week in the life on Naomi Simson – I was asked on three separate occasions to contribute to something – because I write this blog. I found that fascinating. I was introduced on Channel Nine’s Mornings program as ‘one of Australia’s leading business bloggers’ – I was asked to be a guest tweeter for ABCs Lateline on Tuesday – and I was asked to attend the BB Retail Capital conference (of Adairs, Bras and things, Diva etc fame) because I was a blogger…. (I did in fact attend because I have met Brett Blundy on a number of occasions and I wondered what I could learn about his views on the changes and trends in traditional retail).
I sat next to Brett as the sessions of his leaders conference unfolded – the session I attended was around accountability – and what does that really mean to each individual and leader in his businesses. I picked up some little books that they give to each employee about their vision, customer promise and their team promise. I was impressed with the resources, focus and commitment that the group has to keeping the leadership team learning and aligned.
Tuesday last week was a very exciting day for all RedBallooners as Millie Fastnedge Evans arrived. Jemma CEO has handed the baton (a little sooner than expected to Kristie Buchanan – who will be acting CEO until Jemma’s return from maternity leave)…  Kristie started her career at RedBalloon a marketing manager and more recently has been the GM of Consumer – accountable for the Customer Experience. Congratulations Kristie.

Kristie and I doing the V8 experiences some years ago

This Week:
Monday: One on One’s and Women leaders round table event
V8 Race day experience at Wakefield
Participation on the CBS interactive media panel
Best Buddies leadership conference commences
Best Buddies and Keynote for the Australian Teleservices Association (ATA)

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