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Last week was a fabulous week of learning… I have heard that CEOs must keep learning to keep competitive. We all need to keep growing – and educating one’s self – it is one of the five elements of Wellness according to the New Economic Forum.
Learning of course is made so much easier if  it is something interesting, relevant and delivered well. I attended the Growth Summit last week, what a great way to check in with leading thinkers – the annual brain recharge. A fabulous way to catch up with other entrepreneurs from around the country. I’ll share in subsequent blog’s about some of the insights and how I think they apply. Like all education it is the gold we listen for – but when put in a room for a few days with highly intelligent people, there is simply more gold to be found.
This week:
Monday: One on Ones – and round table with leadership team to share discoveries from the Growth Summit.
Tuesday: My Birthday; ‘leading by example’ – I wont be in the office (all RedBallooners get their birthday off work
Wednesday: Meetings with potential business opportunities
Thursday: Speaking Engagement for Campari on the Customer experience – and filming of Deloitte’s Leadership academy.
Friday: RedBallooner health checks and breakfast with the entire team.

Grow & Scale Your Business by Naomi Simson

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