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Last week was a fabulous week of learning… I have heard that CEOs must keep learning to keep competitive. We all need to keep growing – and educating one’s self – it is one of the five elements of Wellness according to the New Economic Forum.

Learning of course is made so much easier if  it is something interesting, relevant and delivered well. I attended the Growth Summit last week, what a great way to check in with leading thinkers – the annual brain recharge. A fabulous way to catch up with other entrepreneurs from around the country. I’ll share in subsequent blog’s about some of the insights and how I think they apply. Like all education it is the gold we listen for – but when put in a room for a few days with highly intelligent people, there is simply more gold to be found.

This week:

Monday: One on Ones – and round table with leadership team to share discoveries from the Growth Summit.

Tuesday: My Birthday; ‘leading by example’ – I wont be in the office (all RedBallooners get their birthday off work

Wednesday: Meetings with potential business opportunities

Thursday: Speaking Engagement for Campari on the Customer experience – and filming of Deloitte’s Leadership academy.

Friday: RedBallooner health checks and breakfast with the entire team.

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  1. Hello Naomi,

    I have just read your blog for this week and as usual I am inspired by your work inparticular as last night I started to read “I want what she’s having”. I truly appreciate your honesty and matter-of-fact advice and experiences.

    Warmest wishes for a wonderful birthday. I hope you have a lovely day.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Naomi, Just wanted to send you a quick message to say how much I enjoy your blog. I only recently subscribed after seeing you on Secret Millionaire. By coincidence it is also my birthday today [22/2]. I have a very small retail online gourmet food business that I run from home … started after leaving the big bad corporate world behind when my now 11 year old twins came along. I’m a chartered accountant but wanted to do something else & being an ”avid foodie” I thought I would give it a go. Working from home suits me well as it still gives me time to be involved with the children’s schooling [I’m also the president of the P&C] & other interests.
    The one thing I need to ”learn” more about is marketing my biz. As a chartered accountant I know how to run the business from an administrative & financial perspective, but I am constantly trying to learn & improve upon how to market the biz better.
    Happy Birthday & looking forward to future blog entries

  3. Hi Jo-Ann

    Have you considered engaging someone with complimentary business skills to your own – a friend or family member? I would wager that a lot of the reasons for RedBalloons success come from the different skills Naomi and Peter bring to the business (Peter with the financial background like yourself and Naomi from a marketing perspective)

    I’ve listened to several entrepreneurs talk who’ve advised that it’s preferential to do this so you can focus on developing your strengths – there’s a prominent school of thought that this is the most productive use of your time.

  4. Hi Jo-Ann,

    Yes I am fortunate that I have been ‘in’ marketing since last century… truly… and I am lucky to have strong people around me with other talents (including the financial acumen of Pete and his team)… however there is much I could add to this conversation… So I will write a blog on my most recent musings. Thanks for the inspiration.


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  • Each year I look at what it is I want to achieve. And how I want to contribute. I also build new messages and insights for my keynotes. One topic I’m considering is Influence... how to impact others. This will incorporate personal leadership, but it is far more shifting viewpoints and aligning people.  This is what I’m working on at the moment.  What are you planning for 2018?
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  • This means I’m back in the office today 💙 but looking at the #barrierreef from the sky gives a different perspective. That’s what I plan to bring to The Big Red Group team this year! #BRG


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