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Sometimes I do have to pinch myself – and say ‘wow’ because I do get to experience some absolutely amazing things. The weekend before last I was trialing ‘glamping’ on Cockatoo Island, Tuesday I got to experience the John Bowe V8 racing experience at Wakefield; in the evening I was at the Sydney Dance Theatre and met Rafael Bonachela- Creative Director and also the dancers after the performance of ‘2 One Another’ – which was an absolutely amazing expression of human creativity. I was completely engrossed during the 70-minute performance – it was simply breath taking.

Wednesday I did another one of our experiences in the morning – a photo shoot – in the evening I attended a pre-announcement Ernst & Young cocktail function at the Archibald’s – I was sure I had picked the winner – alas not.

I had several keynotes in Sydney – I particularly had great fun on Friday afternoon at the Australian Teleservices Assoc. lunch. We had a lot of giggles and really enjoyed ourselves… but wait there is more. On the weekend I was researching yet another ‘glamping’ experience – which was my perfect paradise… (I will be handing details to Georgia the RedBalloon category manager – because it is a must for RedBalloon)… and to finish off the week experienced the outdoor spectacular of La Traviata… Sydney harbor a spectacular backdrop to this very special performance – Emma Matthews voice was a show stealer. It really looked like the performers were loving the experience too.

I was asked twice this week in speaking engagements about how I coped with all the ‘work’ at start up phase of RedBalloon. The reality is that it is quite a blur now – but I do believe that if you love what you do – you never have to work another day in your life. (Is Confucius credited with that quote?)

I think last week I supported most aspects of the Sydney arts community – (as well as four RedBalloon experiences – which is part of my job).

This week is school holidays and I am planning to be far more settled – do some writing and planning.

Coming up this week:

Monday: One on one’s
Company meeting – (and daughter going for her learner’s permit – Argh)
Corporate Planning
Easter – YAY

Reading – Abundance – by Diamandis and Kotler

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  • Reflecting on this weeks planning session... people of different backgrounds, different ages, nationalities all united by a shared senses of #purpose to do something meaningful and valuable for others. #leadership #quote
  • Each year I look at what it is I want to achieve. And how I want to contribute. I also build new messages and insights for my keynotes. One topic I’m considering is Influence... how to impact others. This will incorporate personal leadership, but it is far more shifting viewpoints and aligning people.  This is what I’m working on at the moment.  What are you planning for 2018?
  • Looking good team! #BRG #kickoff
  • Oh it’s all about #BRG and 2018 for the next few days ❤️ Love to plan 💙Love to dream @redballoon @getredii @davidchristopheranderson @wrappedbyredballoon
  • Loveit @redballoon and this is what we do for our day job!


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