Last week is still a blur – I remember at one point chatting to George Clooney he asked “Has Martha Stewart had arrived at the event yet? I have not met her before.” I answered “Yes she is over to the left – would you like me to introduce you…?” Too funny – as it transpired photographers ensued and he met her during the photo shoot. [Naomi always the networker.]
I enjoyed a great team-cooking event in Melbourne (searching for new experiences is part of my job description) I also attended the premier of the new Mission Impossible movie – which my kids thought was ‘pretty good.’ And that is saying something.
This week
Monday: One on Ones – and taking Dexter to the Small Animal Hospital … he has had a limp for about three months – so the surgeon is taking a closer look
Visiting our production partner – to say thanks for all the amazing work they have done this year as elves, later in the day I’ll be catch up with the past winners of the NSW Telstra Business Women’s awards
is a RedBalloon board meeting, and RB leadership catch up and later a reunion of university buddies
is the Best Buddies Australia board meeting
Christmas eve eve celebrations at RedBalloon – my favorite time of year.

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