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Our company meeting is always fun and last weeks was no exception. The Marketing team hosted – they kept the April gags going… announcing that they were doing a ‘brand refresh’ and given that nostalgia was all the go – they thought that they would bring back the original logo – they even had fabulous mockups of bill boards and company cars with our original logo on them… (they completely had me)…very funny though I was the one laughing the loudest.
The team was at HR summit in Sydney and the Melbourne Employee Engagements Seminar and at Kochies Business Builders event (we were three places at one time). Loved the HR Summit stand – inviting people to say ‘thank you’ and pin it on the wall of praise.
I enjoyed meeting lot’s of budding entrepreneurs (and some very well established ones) at Kochies Business Builders Boot camp. I’m very impressed with how many have followed up with me… I will be getting back to each of them this week.
Coming up this week
Monday: One on Ones with my direct reports
Tuesday: Retail Presentations
Wednesday: In the office then traveling to Melbourne
Thursday: Speaking at a lunch & learn for Kikki-K and then a business round table
Friday: Return to Sydney (ready to fly to Perth for next weeks speaking engagements)
Reading: One Day by David Nicholls (a novel)

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