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BlackBerry or crackberry? Some people love them could not run their businesses without them; others think they are a total intrusion.

The point is, how do small businesses find out what technology would best suit them. If we believe that true productivity gains are going to come through technology, where are we going to find out what we need? Who can we trust to give us the best advice?

We went through a stage of at least once a week having a communications retailer calling us to say that they could get us on a “better deal”. Better deals don’t work for me if the technology does not work. I want a supplier who will work with me strategically.

I heard of a business with more than 100 employees and the finance guy decided to save some dollars so he had some phone lines cut off (he didn’t think they were used). The phone lines were critical to the company’s connectivity. It ended up having no internet connection for more than a week (in December). What did that cost?

Everyone has a different opinion about what is best. And technology now covers such a broad spectrum ? from phones to computers, the internet, networking, hand-held devices and data management. Sales people are there to make a sale (good on them, that is their job) they are not necessarily educators. Is it that you have to be a technology wiz to be successful and innovate.

I am fortunate to have some fantastic technology people both within the company and on call. But I still I want to know more about how the technology landscape will look in two years’ time (let alone five) Where will that information come from? vendors or consultants? And whoever supplies the information, can they do so in a format that I can understand?

I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting clearer information about technology, and I see this as critical to Australia’s competitiveness.

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  • In the 90s I left my cushy job at Apple.

I’d be a squillionaire if I still had my stock options.

I don’t regret it. Here's why:

After 10 years of corporate, I wanted to ‘do my own thing’. I started with freelance marketing.

My strategy? Hard work and build strong brands.

It seemed to work - new clients came from referrals.

But after 18 months, I came to a realisation:

All my clients wanted was “more customers”, not complex branding plans.

SO I thought I’d build a brand of my own. Something to get them “more customers”. RedBalloon was born. The purpose? Give people amazing experiences.

16 years on, RB has delivered 3.8 million customers to 2000 small businesses.

Now, when I give talks, I always get the same question: “How did you build such a strong brand?” Funny how it comes full circle.

I can’t answer that with a time limit.

Though I think I found a way - an online course. “How to Build your Business Brand” - years of experience in one place (link in bio if interested). But, that’s not the point of this post.

If I stayed with Apple I’d be unbelievably wealthy.

Quitting was still the best thing I’ve ever done.

So if you want to take a leap of faith, do it.

All I ask you is this:

Trust yourself and never underestimate the power of brand.
  • #tbt the originals circa 2004 🎈 it reminds that an entrepreneurs journey is long and full of twists and turns. What a ride! @redballoonexperiences
  • I have always been rushing! I need to remind myself of this one regularity. I'm intentional, not frenetic. Choose the one thing that needs to get done to make everything easier! #inspiration


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