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One of the best events we have done to date was on Sunday when we were the #2 corporate team to cross the line in the Bridge to Beach Ocean Swim (11 km). Raising money for a great cause the team took turns as we relayed our way across the harbour.

We had the best day – beautiful harbour – at least one person from each of the teams at RedBalloon. Congrats to all 10 swimmers! And Claire for getting us training and pulling us together…which team event next! Oh and if you can’t find Sally in the photo, that is because she is in the water swimming. Oh, and yes – Dave is the only bloke on the swim team.

I have never been a strong swimmer – but leadership is not about leading from the front but ensuring that people have the right tools to deliver the job at hand… I was there with plenty of words of encouragement.

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  • And it is done! 17 years of education and ready to fly! #ilovenumbers #proudmummy #motherlove
  • This is such a wonderful moment! Congratulations to @natalia.simson and her wonderful friends .. BSci @unimelb
  • At this time of year there is no time to look back. I’m beginning to think about what I want 2018 to be. Christmas for me is about thanking the people who have been so nurturing and supportive. Whilst hectic I love it! 🎈
  • Best thing about the season? Family. Feasting. Festivities. #sundayfunday #xmas
  • Cuppa in the flower garden 🌹🌷🌺🥀🌷🌷🌺🥀🌹🍮 #sunday


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