Mission Statements

Naomi Simson

Mission Statements Purpose and Values

Mission Statements and Purpose Statements help align the team.

Business owners who take the time to create a mission statement based on the purpose, passion and vision of the business will find that it is easier to connect employees and stakeholders to why you do what you do.

I have a number of ways to come up with the right words to describe the vision. But the first question to ask is why are you in business and who do you make a difference to?

A mission statement embodies why you are in business, what business you are in and how you will go about it. People who do not know you will read it and know what the business stands for. In this series of blogs I write about purpose, mission, vision, values and how we brought it all together.

A mission statement is clear, short and can be understood by those outside your industry.

Catch up on the Mission & Purpose blog posts

Painted Picture: The Future is Bright

Painted Picture: The Future is Bright

Painted Picture Strategy August in our community is all about the Painted Picture. Creating a vision for your life and your business is not simply whimsy. By envisioning your future and working on your painted picture document, you can shine some serious light on the...

"Inspiring the business world"

"Inspiring the business world"

When I was approached by The CEO magazine, to be the feature story in the September edition, my initial reaction was - 'but I'm not a CEO!' (Nick Baker has been the RedBalloon CEO for some years now.) Whilst I am an executive director at, I'm still not the...

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