Dymocks and other great bookstores are all now stocking my recently released book ‘I want what she is having’. It is not an autobiography… It’s probably more than anything a marketing book. What I have learned – what worked and didn’t work. Also, it looks at the inextricable link between marketing and the employees of an organisation. Brands are built by People.
The other question that I am asked – is “when did you find time to write a book?” Is running a fast growing business, being a wife, mother and on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organisation not enough. It actually took many months to write, and in the end, I had to take Friday’s out of the office otherwise it never would have been done. Plus Sally and Jemma did some rigorous editing.
I’m really pleased with the outcome, I don’t know how many ‘soon to be’ or current business owners I might impact. Peers, mentors, coaches, friends and family have been very generous to me, so it is my time to give back. I also wanted to document the first five years inside a start up. The thrill and excitement of being part of something new.
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Grow & Scale Your Business by Naomi Simson

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