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I thought I would share some of what we have learned. Years ago I read Jim Collins ‘Good to Great’ – where he spoke of the importance of the BHAG. I have consistently, since hearing Verne Harnish speak of it five years ago, reinforced to the team why it is so important for us. We all need to be chasing the same goal, pulling in the same direction – in 1000% alignment.

Our purpose at RedBalloon is to change gifting in Australia forever…. but we need to know when we have got there, which is why we created the crazy idea of 2 million people having had a RedBalloon experience by 2015… it seemed such a far away dream (we had only done a few 1000 experiences at the time). Yet in the next few months, we will surpass 25% of the BHAG game. What was an outrageous, pie in the sky idea, is now not so far away… we have six years to go.


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  • Oops sprung, getting ready for #sharktank 7.30 tonight..He says that he won't make a sound... surely no one will notice my #headofsecurity.
  • Often our own self-doubt and fear stop us doing what we really want to do. We limit ourselves,hold ourselves back or just don't give it a go... because we spend so much time worrying about 'what if it doesn't work out'. Mea-Culpa
  • Oh my it looks like I'm about to take a massive bite out of someone on tomorrow's @sharktankau .... 😆 join me On TEN at 7.30 💃🦈
  • I never tire of #sunrise over #sydneyharbour. It changed within minutes. Swipe left to see the changes over 3 minutes. It's gone already, #nofilter #fire
  • Happiness:
Think less, Feel more;
Frown less, Smile more;
Judge less, Accept more;
Watch less, Do more;
Complain less, Appreciate more;
Fear less, Love more....
Give it a crack 😎on a weekend like this what's to stop you! #naturalbeauty #happiness


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