I started RedBalloon as a lifestyle business – and in the early days worked from home and had 8 weeks off a year. Gosh it couldn’t be further from the circustances now.
As a fast growing business – I snatch a break when ever I can – even if it is a long weekend.
Just back from an awesome holiday with the family and friends. Full of great experiences.
Bare boat charter, in the Whitsundays – this was total paradise. Mooring at butterfly bay – jumping off the back of the boat into a school of bat fish then hand feeding them (They eat carrot and apple…hmm not sure if that was on their diets) Visiting the groper at his home – rolling around in a bait ball totally surrounded by millions of tiny fish swaying in the tepid water.
What a way for the kids (and us) to experience the reef.
Absolute Freedom – a moment in paradise

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