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One of my entrepreneur friends said to me recently: “If it was easy running a business, wouldn’t everybody do it?” I have been having a good long look at not only where I add the greatest value to my business, but what I enjoy doing the most.

What I love the most is meeting with customers, hearing about their businesses and then discovering ways that we can support them in their endeavours. I’ve worked out that I am better “out” than “in”. I heard somewhere that every CEO needs to spend at least 20% of their time with customers. I am looking to out-do this.

In realising that I just could not do it all, I have appointed a general manager to run the daily operations of the business, and I promoted from within. Jemma has been part of the RedBalloon story for four years, and quite frankly was looking for the next challenge herself. I have found someone who thrives on detail, when I just don’t.

So what has this meant to me personally in just a few weeks? I’ve had more client meetings than I have in the whole year, I have gone two weekends in a row without doing any work. (In fact, I have probably got about 20 hours back a week, much of which I have spent hanging out with my children.) I am working in an area I know a lot about and am good at. So I am enjoying myself.

It’s not just about how fast you are running, you’ve got to be heading in the right direction for it to have any value at all.

I’ve taken some of my own medicine and reminded myself it is all about the good times…

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  • This is really living in the work of your customer #virtualexperience #granddesign #vr
  • Great time for gardening! 😄
  • Being in retail for close to two decades has it's highs and lows. 
There is always the threat of competition (Is Amazon going to impact our business when it opens in Australia? Who knows...). The only constant in any retail business is change. 
I find this particularly scary — and nerve wracking. 
I wish I had a crystal ball. 
Trying to pick customer trends continues to be challenging. 
We have engaged the best of the best AI tool to assist in finding customers and helping them. 
But fear is a real emotion felt by many business owners at this time of year. 
Can I trust? I ask myself relentlessly... With 10 weeks to Christmas I feel I must do more to help predict... If I hear ‘consumer confidence is low’ one more time I will want to scream.

Today I must test it. 
I think if I give potential customers a rich offer — with no hidden strings (link in bio), I will see if we can pull some demand forward to let us predict the Christmas capacity we may need. 🎈🎈
  • Meet #jackford who has just joined the Simkingson clan... little buddy for Dexter #cavoodle meets #spoodle 🐶
  • I’ve got my active wear on today🤓


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