Urban Nature Art

The colour of suburban nature

Here is a selection of my paintings inspired by living in the city. The colours and textures come alive in the elements.

I might be walking the dog, or commuting to work, as I move around the city I do my best to stop looking at my phone and look at the world around me. Often I will then be grabbing my phone to snap a colour, or image or shape.

Everyday I see beauty – whether it is raining or sunshine. The wind creates an incredible diversity in shape and form.

I rarely refer to photos when I paint. I usually explore the colours and light that I feel. I have enjoyed discovering new textures, patterns and substrates as I look at this urban world I live in.

My studio has an aspect to the harbour which delivers its own unique qualities.

urban nature art

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Inspiration for my paintings

They all have a story – I see something and reimagine it in paint.

This became a series of painting inspired by leaves on the road after a rain storm. I looked at the water glistening, the vivid colours, the contrast of light and I wondered what they would look like in paint. It took me a number of weeks to build up the layers of colour. Starting with a black gesso on Belgian canvas. The colours are subtle and have tonal variation. Then I added a layer of oil pastels to give it in intricacy that is somehow inviting. As if there is more to discover and see. Most of my works have many layers to discover. In different light, with a different mood, at a different angle you might see a different story.
urban nature art
urban nature art
  • Spring painting 2- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Spring painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Flurry Painting- 830x830mm

    $4,800.00 GST
  • Spirit Painting- 830x830mm

    $4,800.00 GST
  • Ridges – 1030x1030mm

    $6,680.00 GST
  • Field of Flowers Painting- 830x830mm

    $4,800.00 GST
  • Night Ballast Point Jacaranda – 490 x 490mm

    $1,150.00 GST
  • Night Ballast Point Cliffs – 490 x 490mm

    $1,150.00 GST
  • Australian Spring – 152 x 152 x 20mm

    $660.00 GST
  • Popcorn Painting- 940 x 940mm

    $3,800.00 GST
  • Garden Jewel – 203 x 203mm

    $495.00 GST
  • Autumn Leaves Sydney – 840 x 840mm

  • Autumn Leaves Sydney – 840x840mm

  • Night Leaves – 610 x 610mm

    $1,280.00 GST