Ocean and Water Art

The colour of the sea, where it meets the land

I love water – I always have. It is always changing and reflects the environment.

I live by Sydney Harbour and I see it every day. I experience its moods and charms. I can waste hours watching it. I lose track of time. Most holidays are to either our beach house or somewhere else where there is water. My favourite time is January where every day I walk the same beach morning and night. And every time I walk it – it is different. The intersection between water and land, wet and dry, liquid and solid I find endlessly curious. My studio has an aspect to the harbour which delivers its own unique qualities.

ocean and water art

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Inspiration for my paintings

They all have a story – I see something and re-imagine it in paint.

Water, ocean, seas, rivers, even swimming pools and ponds. When ever I see any body of water I am drawn to it. I am lucky to live by the water and can commute to the city by ferry. I do my best to stay present and absorb the colours, light, textures and sound of the water. My earliest explorations into big paintings were of the ocean. I wanted to bring its vastness inside. I wanted to hold it and capture it. This is what I have set out to do.
  • Flourish 2400 x 1200mm Diptych

  • Tranquility Painting- 830x830mm

    $4,800.00 GST
  • Blue Bottles – 620 x 510mm

  • Beach Pebble Dance – 510 x 620mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Tropical Reef Dance – 400 x 505mm

  • Northern Reef – 350 x 350mm

  • Deep Outer Reef – 400 x 400mm

  • Turquoise Dance – 910 x 1220mm

  • Precious Jewel – 203 x 203mm

  • Big Blue – 1200 x 1200mm

  • Freshwater Beach – 940 x 940mm

    $5,800.00 GST
  • Ocean Dream – 540 x 540mm

  • King Tide – 1020 x 1540mm

  • Shelly Beach – 940 x 940mm

    $5,800.00 GST
  • Playing in Water 520 x 520mm

  • Jarvis Bay Australia – 840 x 840mm

    $4,800.00 GST
  • Sydney Harbour Beach – 840 x 840mm

  • Ocean Dance – 610 x 610mm

    $1,780.00 GST
  • Ocean Study # 2 1220 x 1800mm

  • Ocean Study # 1 -1220 x 1800mm

  • Beach Day – 750x750mm

    $1,200.00 GST