Australian Outback Art

The colour of the desert, open spaces and dust

I have travelled throughout this vast land. From the Kimberly to Kalgoorlie

From a cattle station at Lake Argyle in far north east Western Australia, Arnheim Land to Central Australia, and Wilpena Pound in South Australia. I have travelled from south to north and east to west. Many many times – and weather I travel by air, train or road the shear size and endlessness inspires me to paint. The smell of the dry heat, the dust and the nothingness are all part of the experience. I have been fortunate to sit with our First People elders in Central Australia, as well as Arnheim land. Learning the art of story telling through traditional painting.

Australian Outback Art

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Inspiration for my paintings

They all have a story – I see something and reimagine it in paint.

There are no places only spaces Tim Winton wrote in Cloudy Street. And this is what inspires my painting of the red earth. The endless desert that is full of life and vibrancy. With no particular feature, travelling thousands of kilometres and not seeing much change at all. This is the oldest land, and it I honour the people who have lived here for 40,000 years. The people who know the secrets to the colours, and the pigments of the deserts.
Australian Outback Art
Australian Outback Art
  • Bloom painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Mallee Rain painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Whisper Painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Outback Sands -940 x 940mm

    $3,800.00 GST
  • Clarity Painting – Triptych set

    $1,485.00 GST
  • Oak Beach Sands – 455 x 1100mm

    $1,280.00 GST
  • Night Desert – 1500x1200x40mm