I wonder what the results would have been five years ago if we had researched the marketing on experiential gifting.
Given that the concept was not heard of in this country it is hard to research market potential when your audience has no idea what you are talking about. Is it the same for Myspace.com and YouTube.com?
Research takes on a whole new meaning in new markets. You could even wonder if traditional research mechanisms are relevant at all. Basic principles fail.
“An open source approach to research that allows the people who buy and promote the brand to contribute to everything about the brand, is the new agenda. The open source approach has been taken up by many of the same companies that have followed the consumer advisory panel approach.” Nilewide.
I know for us that sending follow up emails to every participant and asking them what they would tell someone else has been invaluable. But I think more important than just listening is how it is acted upon. Of course you cannot implement every idea. But keeping people informed about what happened with their contribution has been important for us. And also letting those who have come up with some fantastic ideas share the celebration with us.
Open sourcing takes on a whole new meaning.

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