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If you’ve heard me speak – you know I am quite open about why I believe our business continues to grow rapidly… even though advertising has not been part of the marketing mix. We just completed some brand research with Nielsen and found that there is a 32% unprompted brand recall for RedBalloon… which is pretty amazing given that when I ask audiences what advertising they have seen – very few hands go up. (My marketing manager hates me asking that question – she says ‘One day we will do some advertising and then you will have to eat your words’).

The time has come – I am very clear about why we are doing this now. Advertising doesn’t create brands – people do. It is the relationships that we create, the promise that is held in the hearts of our customers. Our customers own our brand. But for those who know us – it is up to us to remind them of what we stand for – it is up to us to give them something worth talking about.

I remember 15 years ago when I worked at Apple – it was very clear if you are going to do advertising – look very impressive. In the early days of Apple this was always Steve Jobs thing – you might have a tiny budget – but make it look massive by taking double page spreads – but only a few. Do a few things really well. One of the greatest marketing stunts of all time was Apple sponsoring the cushions at the American Super Bowl.

Okay so here it is. The new RedBalloon TVC…. now, of course, we all love being in marketing at RedBalloon and the second one is an absolute delight too. Our developers have got into TVC mode to challenge the marketer’s creativity… very funny. Enjoy…

On an overcast day… In Port Macquarie…

One man has a dream……..A dream to fly. A dream to be KING of the sky.


On an overcast day… In Pyrmont…

One development team had a dream……..A dream to be movie stars. A dream to be KING of the internet.

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  1. Love both of them – especially the development team, nice work guys.

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