I feel fantastic when I’ve done something to be proud of. Something that was not necessarily easy but I worked at it and got a result.
I always said that I would run a marathon when I turned forty. Do two halves make a whole?
When it comes to Reward and Recognition it is no different. People want to be able to tell the world what a great job he or she did…but culturally we don’t tend to big note ourselves so we don?t tend to tell people of our successes. But when you say ?Oh I got to off, fly and land a helicopter? people will instantly ask “Really, how come?” Hence the conversation continues.
Some of the most successful R&R programs I have seen have produced a ‘Hero board’ where people come and stick photo’s of them doing their experiences. Another client has a Friday afternoon ‘Home movie’ drinks session where people bring a DVD or digital photos of their experience. And everyone loves to giggle and imagine what they will do on their RedBalloon Day.
The best thing about what we do is hearing what people got up to. Have you ever seen Kirsten’s DVD of when she jumped out of a plane in NZ…to read the review.
SkyDive Queenstown,
This is why we have so much fun writing reviews – we too have a great sense of achievement.
RedBalloon Australia Reviews,
RedBalloon NZ Reviews,
Finish this sentence I have always wanted to….
Now aren’t you likely to tell others when you finally get to do it.

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