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Looking at one’s spirituality and how it impacts each area of one’s life is not necessarily something I think about a lot. But as I launch headlong into inspiring people to thank five people a day …. I am researching and learning more and more about the impact this can have in every area of our lives: personally, family, business and community – perhaps even the planet too.
I have just listened to a Dandapani at the Entrepreneurs Organization conference – a past Hindu monk – he shared his practices and tools of living a fulfilled life.
He posed the question “Where is your sacred space – the place you can go to find yourself – over and over again?”
I considered my life – sometimes I feel I am racing so much – juggling between all of my priorities and the last thing on the list is me: Dandapani urged us to reconsider this. Even if it is just for 1 minute a day every day – time to sit, and really get to know yourself… if you do this you will be in a much better position to serve others.
“If you don’t know where you are then you don’t know where you are going.” he said. We must manage our energy, he asked us to consider of those people we surround ourselves with “Who is uplifting?”
1      Spend time by yourself everyday, be still and ask yourself “am I okay?” Go to your space of reflection – sit quietly and listen to yourself
2      Understand how your mind works – know that there is a difference between your awareness and our mind. We often allow others to impact where our awareness goes. Keep your awareness on one thing at a time – concentrate and be present. It takes practice.
3      Use the power of affirmation.

  1. Create a mantra of concise positive words – and say them over and over again – this creates an impression in your subconscious mind
  2. Create visual supports for these affirmations – powerful images that reinforce your mantra
  3. Say the mantra always with feeling and emotion – believe it truly deeply

Be kind, gentle, patient and loving with yourself.
The mind does not discriminate between what’s good for it and what’s not. Choose carefully what you say as it is impressing your subconscious mind.
You could take on this power of affirmation not just personally but with your relationship, children, or your colleagues.

  1. Resolve all differences before going to bed at night. Arguing is okay –but it needs to be completed before you sleep. If it is not it stays in your subconscious unresolved – ‘Time does not heal’ – unresolved issues simply get pushed deeper into the subconscious and they build up.
  2. “Give her everything she needs and everything she wants – and the loving wife will never ask for more than the husband can provide”. When the woman is happy it binds the family.
    The greatest gift a man can give his children is to love their mother.” Oscar Wilde.
    So there may be something in the saying ‘Happy wife happy life.’ Dapandran shared vivid stories on how and why this works so magically.


  1. Children have endless energy…. you don’t, it is important to set the parameters around energy management. Eg between 1pm and 2pm it is quiet time…. no interruptions from children – teach them that you need space too. Be thoughtful about where you give your energy.
  2. Teach children responsibility – a family is a team and all need to contribute to the running of the household. It is not about being paid pocket money to do some house hold chores…. they must learn that these chores are things that just must get done.


  1. Teach your team about awareness – and get them to focus on just one thing at a a time.
    “Where awareness goes energy flows.”
    Every time you get distracted it takes energy to come back to what you were doing. Be an example of doing one thing at a time yourself.
  2. Give your team your undivided attention. Be truly focused on what ever you are doing including if you are meeting with someone have nothing present that could distract you.


  1. Use your successes, strengths and talents to give back to the community.
  2. It is important to create abundance so that you can assist others. It is very hard to make a difference to others when you are poor.

    Dandapani shares his insights with 800 entrepeneurs

Many of the thoughts shared by Dandapani were reinforcements of concepts I had heard before. The trick is of course to create them as a practice. Only if we use the tools we are given will it make a difference. As business leaders, parents and contributors to community – with all the very many roles we play… we don’t get to play any roles unless we have looked after ourselves, are healthy, happy and have energy and awareness for others. Being grateful and taking on the practice of saying five thanks a day will support this journey too.

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