We have just completed a RedBalloon online survey, and the results are fascinating.
Most people are stressed by the clutter in their lives – but they’re not sure what to do with the clutter.
7% use storage facilities, but the Mum’s and Dad’s of Australia provide free storage for 16%… perhaps the kid’s clutter is causing the parents to be stressed.
74% of respondents said that they feel like their home is cluttered with items and nearly half say that their storage at home is full.
The homes of Australia are bursting at the seams, but people still struggle to throw things out.
Only 23% of people will dispose of a gift that they don’t like. 13% will give it to someone else (re-gift) but most just keep the gift hanging around.
You’d think that people would reduce the clutter in a spring clean – but 48% do a spring clean less than once a year. 7% Never do a spring clean! Ugh. Which is a worry when 62% of people consider themselves a ‘hoarder’.
Combine this with the statistic that 65% of Australians last Christmas received a gift that they did not want (or like) the value of these gifts was estimated to be worth $985m.
No wonder we think experience gift vouchers are such a good idea.

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