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Hair raising experience this one.

Okay so it is half way through the week and I’m just getting to my blog. It is Christmas after all and I think I am still recovering from last week.
My week did not go exactly as planned – but it did go to other peoples plan. My colleague had put a ‘speaking engagement at the airport’ in my diary. This was in fact a complete ‘set up’ – the team was playing a trick on me – they got me to the airport and RedBalloon extreme category manager Jay Bardon announces “Surprise we are taking you in a brand new Helicopter on one of our brand new experiences” – Exclusive to RedBalloon Night flight over Sydney (it was not actually night but that is a detail).
So within minutes of leaving the office thinking I will be presenting to a group of aviators – I’m taking the helicopter view of Sydney feeling very loved and very lucky that I have such an amazing team who don’t mind playing a few tricks on me…
In addition to doing my first ever gig as an MC for Voiceless, I was on the stage at the Ultimate Job event talking about the importance or purpose, as well as cheering on the Best Buddy pair of the year at Best Buddies day… Last week I touched or worked with six not for profit organizations in various capacities.
Christmas is in full flight at RedBalloon and as a result any spare moment I had I got in touch with many many customers as part of our ‘All hands on deck” approach to the customer experience. I found it quicker to pick up the phone and respond to a customer query in person. I got some pretty funny reactions when people said ‘is that really you?’ or classic ‘I wouldn’t have been so stroppy in my email if I thought you were really going to answer it.’
I continue to love being on the phone to customers. As did our marketing, IT, corporate and PR people – we enjoyed sharing the experience of being with our customer experience
execs helping out with our Christmas, which meant by the time we got to the Friday afternoon ‘barefoot and bowls RedBalloon Christmas bash’ – we had plenty of stories to share and delight about. The team had chosen ‘retro’ as the theme.. which somehow transformed into an ‘80s’ theme. Why is it that I thought ‘retro’ was ‘60s’?
This week (in Sydney every day – amazing)
Monday: one on ones and Christmas at RedBalloon
PR Review and Company meeting
: Book Launch ‘True Leadership’
Lunch with David Koch
: It’s all about the customer experience

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