How to Advertise on Facebook

I hosted a Facebook Live this week with Ben Simkin who joined me as a Brains Trust on a topic that is – or should be – front of mind for many business owners: Facebook Marketing. 

Ben Simkin, founder of BusinessNET and Facebook Marketing Guru, explained to the Naomi Simson community about the value of utilising Facebook Ads in your business. If you’re a business owner and you haven’t considered Facebook a priority in your marketing strategy as yet, you might change your mind by the end of this post.

During the Facebook Live – which you can watch here – Ben and I discuss loads of queries you had regarding Facebook including:

  • Why Facebook rather than other media platforms?
  • How to predict and target customers as a powerful measure B2C and B2B
  • Facebook data points and how you can utilise them to gain customers
  • How to source quality candidates for your business using Facebook
  • Quality of creative and the importance of testing your ads
  • The possibility on getting a ROI when you’re spending small amounts such as $30-$50
  • How to turn your social interaction – likes, comments and engagement – into sales… do you have a call to action?
  • What and how often you should be posting – quality over quantity…
  • The best way to grow your following
  • Number of fans does not necessarily = sales
  • How to measure success with paid marketing and manage the budget creep
  • How to keep up with the constant algorithm changes
  • When you’re just starting out, how to create consistency and flow in your business?

If you’d like answers to any of the above, go across and watch the video here. Ben might sway you that as business owners we need to jump on board the Facebook marketing train, because it has well and truly left the station.

At the end of the video I mentioned a special offer for you!

We have gathered some great resources for those who are serious about growing their business.

The Facebook Ads Authority eBook and resource kit will teach you how to get more leads, build brand awareness and make more sales. It is a fantastic starting point for those who’ve never used Facebook Ads before or for those who may have begun with Facebook Ads but haven’t had much traction.

The kit has resources that will walk you through:

  • How to create/choose a product that people want
  • How to choose a niche
  • How to create a ‘buyer persona’  and know exactly who you are marketing to!
  • How to create a great Facebook page with a strong brand – what feeling do you want to evoke when people come across you and your product?
  • How to set up Facebook Ads
  • How to choose from the different types of Facebook advert
  • How to track your progress and use insights
  • How to use advanced features like targeting and CPA (Cost Per Action)
  • How to budget for maximum ROI.

There’s loads of information in there to assist you to get started using Facebook in your business, and to your advantage – simply head to for further details.

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