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As I sit at my desk under the RedBalloon scoreboard I can see that more than 1.5m people have now had a RedBalloon experience. I have written about our purpose and Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) on many. I have declared on so many times ‘RedBalloon is changing gifting in Australia forever’. In reality that speaks about what we are doing – rather than ‘why’ we do what we do.
It is now more than ten years since I sat in the front room of my house waiting for a customer to arrive at my brand new business…I was excited and nervous, full of vision and possibility.
That day, I wasn’t aware that RedBalloon was starting a happiness revolution, one amazing experience at a time. On our journey I have been fortunate to see inside other businesses, but more importantly, inside other people’s lives… particularly around very personal occasions such as births, marriages, anniversaries and celebrations. I have witnessed the rawness of emotion, pure joy and the simplicity of happiness.
On my road of discovery I was surprised to learn that Australia does not rank highly on the Happy Planet Index. I imagine what it could be like if I was able to improve Australia’s HPI.
One by one; gift by gift; thanks by thanks; we can all make a difference to relationships and the way people feel. Happiness is important to all of us, and we are all responsible for how we feel.
I’m excited today! Kristie Buchanan Acting CEO pulled together a ‘show reel’ of what RedBalloon stands for – and where we are heading…. now we have a 2020 vision that aligns all RedBallooners – and keeps me truly excited. Thanks, KB for putting words and pictures to those thoughts in my head.

We believe:

  • Everyone deserves to have fun, feel good and be happy
  • Happiness is a choice. It starts with a drop, becomes a ripple and creates a wave
  • Happiness is amplified when it is shared

What’s our purpose?

  • We are passionate about giving people more good times. We have started a happiness revolution, one amazing experience at a time.

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