Totally embarrassing – how far we’ve come


Now you know that I said I never knew anything about online marketing when I launched RedBalloon Days…and that we had almost no budget when it came to promotion.

Alex one of my RedBalloon colleagues found these banners on a web site (we used to send out images rather than hosting our banner ads). Here is her email to me

    Hi Naomi

    Could you please tell me if these two banners were created by an ex-RedBallooner? I have come across them on an affiliate site. Jem has asked that I have the banners removed.


Aah how embarrassing – they are so not who we are. And whilst I personally did not design them I still have to take responsibility for them.

It took about two years before we worked out what business we were really in…and that it is the values that we live by that make us who we are. They are clearly not present in these original banners. You never know when the skeleton will come out of the cupboard.

What is your most embarrassing marketing moment?

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