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A very proud winner of the National Award in the Industry Category

RedBalloon has had a wonderful week of celebration by winning three prestigious awards. Whilst there are many businesses far larger than us, doing amazing things – it is such an honor to be on the same stage as those businesses. Could small be the new big? What could large businesses learn from us about absolute commitment to the employee experience – and as a result the customer experience. How wonderful to be recognized in this way.

Last night I had the privileged of being part of the Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year program. A spectacular night surrounded by passionate, persistent people who have a tolerance for risk said our MC Peter Burner.

Congratulations to Michael Malone from iiNet who won the title of Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2011. (For more about the event and the other winners).

Peter Burner interviewed each of the winners as we took to the stage to accept our awards. I had reflected before arriving at the event about my entrepreneurial journey to date. I was there on behalf of many many people.

This is what I had planned to say:

Thank you to those people who:

Loved me, you made me believe in myself
Cared, you made me feel worthwhile
Shared their wisdom, you inspired me to learn
Laughed, you made my world fun
Listened, you made me feel loved
Challenged me, you made me play a bigger game
Said ‘no’ – you made me more determined.
Disliked me, you made me stronger

Thank you

Megan Bromley accepting the AHRI HR Practioner of the Year award

In addition, I congratulate the team on making the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 again – And a big amazing congratulations to Megan Bromley – Employee Experience Manager, RedBalloon for being named by AHRI as the HR Practitioner of the year…WOW!

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  1. Congratulations on winning these prestigeous awards Naomi.
    What a great achievement.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Congratulations Naomi. You are a truly spirited inspiration to us all. Keep up the iconic Red numbers – you look amazing! Warm Regards, Natalina

  3. Congrats !!! Your drive and passion has created something truly special

  4. Thanks so much and lovely to hear from you…It really is very exciting for the whole team… Yay bring on the next decade 😉

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