Immigration supporting Families

I was recently listening to Susie Babani – Group MD, HR, ANZ speak on Workforce Diversity as a driver of business performance. She has such a rich and diverse background herself after working on most continents. The way that she described the program at ANZ was fascinating. People come together organically to support the community […]

When Scepticism becomes Cynicism.

I’m a very positive person, but sometimes I think that the positive outlook could be viewed as naive. I’d hate to think that I’m gullible. I was reading a column by Richard Glover in which he explores the idea that we have become a population of cynics. Have we really begun to see a conspiracy […]

I was recently asked about work life balance..

The funny thing is that as I’ve said I never would have invented this business if I had not become a Mum. So my children and husband are everything to me. The challenge now of course is that RedBalloon is a bigger business with a team of more than 30. And I am travelling regularly. […]