Three lessons in respect

One of my colleagues asked me ‘People are saying that there will be a plethora of sexual harassment claims now that the Mark McInnes/David Jones case has been settled – especially given the Christmas season is upon us; what do you think?’ I responded: the case and the embarrassment caused to an iconic Australian retailer […]

Women at Work – Latte Magazine

I was asked recently my thoughts on parental leave by Valerie Khoo who was putting a piece together for the current issue of Latte Magazine – below are my comments – however she also got interesting comments from The Hon Tanya Plibersek and The Hon Julie Bishop… My comments: “I just wonder if we’re asking […]

Five Ideas on hearth, home and harmony.

I was interviewed recently for an industry publication about my early days, family and getting ahead…. I thought I’d share my answers. Q1: You say on your website that “life is the sum of our experiences, not our belongings”. So can we have some thoughts on another sort of experience, the experience of buying a […]

Where are the women…

I was speaking this week at the ADC Future Summit in Melbourne and there was quite some discussion on the fact that Australia is fast going backwards when it comes to women in leadership roles. My simple very non-theoretical answer when challenged on ‘why’ was simply ‘why not’. The reality is that one by one […]

Immigration supporting Families

I was recently listening to Susie Babani – Group MD, HR, ANZ speak on Workforce Diversity as a driver of business performance. She has such a rich and diverse background herself after working on most continents. The way that she described the program at ANZ was fascinating. People come together organically to support the community […]

The next generation will have it's say

Presenting to 150 fifteen year old girls is probably one of the tougher gigs that I have had. Not helped by the fact that my daughter said just before I left home… ‘Don’t be embarrassing – and they really aren’t interested in all … I looked at these young women and thought what would I […]

The final Secret Millionaire Chapter

I was asked last night after the airing of the program – ‘Did you enjoy the experience?’ ‘Enjoy’ no, did I find it challenging, confronting, and rewarding – absolutely. I am not an actor, or in the entertainment industry. I have had little to do with television. I did the program on the premise that […]