Ideas worth talking about

Having arrived from an overnight plane from Beijing. I was a little worse for wear on Saturday morning. I was concerned that I would not keep up with the day. How wrong I was. The TedX Sydney event was first class – true to the vision of Ted and a mix of local and international […]

Being Stingy is so last century.

Why do some people think it is okay to be stingy in saying ‘thank you’. I have been in three situations recently that have given me an insight I had been oblivious too. When we happily operate in our own world we are often blind to other peoples view of the world. I thought people […]

Naomi Simson friends

Thank-you to all those I can no longer thank

I had the privilege of meeting Professor Fiona Wood (Australian of the year 2005). She shared with the 800 women at the Business Chicks event Melbourne (and the following day in Sydney) her journey, persistence and passions. She is a fundamentally curious person with a passion for learning that is addictive. As a child growing […]

Take note!

The New Economic Forum tells us that one of the five steps to well being is simply to take notice. To be truly present, to see, smell, experience life around us moment by moment; to truly listen, to really focus and be aware. In essence to smell the roses and appreciated what life presents us. […]

Curious about Happiness?

I just had lunch with a colleague – Kate, a casual celebration of her third year with RedBalloon. A bit of a reminisce and comparing notes on what we think has changed the most since 2008 both within and outside the business. She posed the question as we walked back… ‘Do you still think you […]

What goes around comes around… generosity.

In the run-up to Christmas one of the free-to-air channels ran a series of station idents with various presenters saying what the festive season meant to them. Being grateful for friends and family featured highly. In November I also caught a radio vox pop asking Americans what Thanksgiving meant. In the US, historically, Thanksgiving began […]

Thank you

‘I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks’. William Shakespeare. As I just complete my tenth Christmas at RedBalloon – I experience a sense of overwhelming gratitude. I have been truly humbled to see how RedBalloon has captured the imagination of so very many people. In my wildest dreams ten years ago I […]