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Shark Tank Series 2 Episode Ten on TEN


This episode is all about customer experience and customer promise – whilst what is presented to us differs vastly in terms of customer groups, markets and audiences – the fundamentals of brand promise remains the same; Does the customer believe that ‘you will do what you say you’re going to do?” Intelliweed - As a ‘would be’ green thumb myself, I know that whenever I start to grow something weeds pop up and keep popping up – as soon as I…

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode Six on TEN


 There is such wonderful variety in each episode of Shark Tank and episode six is true to form – Aussie innovators who bet it all to get their idea off the ground. From Road Traffic Control to the eradication of skin cancer – getting you anything anywhere within 60 minutes to a natural doggie ablutions platform…. Incredible – here are my notes from set. There is a #SharkFight or two – but even a #Dogfight – wonderful Cap Hat - Bernie…

The entrepreneur’s journey Coming Up this week 6 June 2016


  Sometimes I simply laugh because as I start each week with the question – “what is the one thing that I need to get done this week so that if I get it done everything will become easier?” This might seem like an easy question… however this week particularly I did not quite achieve it – though recruiting new team members will mean that the next weeks should get easier… Yet this week it was a wonderful blur of…

The entrepreneur’s journey Coming Up this week 30 May 2016

And the winner is Mud & Musk

Last week was one of those incredible weeks when a plan comes together. If I was to give it a theme it would be ‘Inspired Start Ups Center Stage’. From sharing the love with Ready to Soar for Business Management students at Queenwood School to BSchools #IdeaNation sponsored by ANZ Business Ready in Melbourne. I finished the week talking all things Live What You Love in Alice Springs for the Strata Managers conference. Shark Tank found its new place on…

An Entrepreneur’s Journey – Coming Up This Week 23 May 2016


The big news for the week is Shark Tank moving from Sunday nights to Wednesday nights…. Episode 4 of Shark Tank will air on Wednesday 25 June – straight after Master Chef Last week for me was all about planning. With all of the businesses that I work with we are coming close to the end of the year. Looking, designing and creating strategies as very much a part of the entrepreneurs journey. I have been using the #OnePageStrategicPlan from…

Shark Tank Australia Series 2 Episode TWO on TEN

Naomi 03

With a mix of disruptive businesses, innovators and some rich discussions on valuation Episode Two has many lessons, great insights and a few laughs as well…Our entrepreneurs are prepared, their pitches entertaining and expressive – all the founders in this episode happen to be relatively young (well compared to us) – some have been battling away at their idea for years whilst others are not even a year into the business. These are the notes that I took while filming…

Coming up this week 9th May 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.01.20 AM

Last week was busy, interesting and exciting – popping into the world of TV, publishing all whilst keep up my day job. I hosted a session with the RedBalloon team sharing insights on #CustomerExperience and the #Startup Days, a with the Minster for Innovation and Better Regulation talking all things #growth, working with my own start ups, celebrating the Barnardos Mother of the Year Awards,  a full day of media talking all things #SharkTank and the new book #ReadytoSoar on Studio10,…

Coming up this week 2nd May 2016


Last week was all things media…especially given the arrival of #ReadyToSoar in book stores. I also had the pleasure of attending Claire Halliday’s launch of her book Things My Mother Taught Me which and here Benjamin Law’s stories first hand. Big groups at the #TotalSuccess events in Melbourne and Sydney, I shared many a story on the entrepreneurial journey. As we move into the on air week for Shark Tank as well as the book launch there is really a…

Coming up this week 21st March 2016

Is the world trying to tell me something?

The question I am asked a lot is “what do you do now that you are not the CEO of RedBalloon?” Whilst life is busy, it is not chaotic – it is purposeful. In fact one of the things I do to create my week is to consider “What is the big game I am playing? – and I block out time to that project or calling. Habit creates productivity even in the face of ‘I have 1000 things to get…

New Book Cover released – Ready to Soar (May 2016)

Ready to Soar_COVER

Turn you brilliant idea into a business you love. (2016) In Store May 2016 I’m very pleased that all the hard work over the last number of months is coming to fruition…. I had locked myself away, put my head down, and answered the question I get asked the most. Okay so it might take 86,000 words to do so… the ‘question’ has so many implications – to do it justice I had to look at it from many angles….