Story Teller

I took to the stage more than a decade ago. Being an online pioneer meant that in 2001 when RedBalloon was launched there was not a lot of trust for the internet. I started going to networking events and local meetups as a way to let people know that RedBalloon was ‘real’. I found that I had the ‘gift of the gab’ and that people enjoyed hearing the story. Whilst now I speak to larger audiences and at bigger venues – the thrill of inspiring people and sharing what I have learned is why I do it. When someone comes up to me at an event and says ‘I read your book’ or ‘I heard you speak years ago’ and ‘because of that I made a change in my life…’ it is truly wonderful. If you do hear me speak – be sure to reach out and let me know what you learned or discovered.

As a storyteller, I believe we need to have more role models.  I’ve been speaking to audiences for over a decade on living full lives, employee engagement and playing a bigger game.  If just one person out of every engagement makes a positive change in their life due to my sharing, then I’ve gained more than I could have ever asked for.

I love speaking to audiences about my experiences and my journey – sharing the honesty behind growing a business – the good the bad and the downright ugly.  The vulnerability that I bring to each engagement always comes back ten fold and even now I have people come up to me saying they had heard me speak some years ago and how it had changed their life.

It’s a privilege to have a positive impact on others’ lives so regularly, one I don’t take for granted and so I ensure that my content is up to date, my experiences are authentic and I bring my best version of myself to the engagement each and every time.

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