Speaking Engagements

I believe there’s too much ‘stuff’ in our world, and the quality time with people that matter to us is scarce and precious.

If, during my speaking engagements, I encourage just one listener to reassess how a gift is given and received, I’m able to leave a larger legacy than simply the success story that is RedBalloon.

‘Experiential’ purchases – those made with the primary intention of acquiring a life experience – make people happier than material purchases. The good life is better lived by doing things than having things.*

After my own personal life experience volunteering (as part of the Channel 9 Secret Millionaire TV series), I decided to create the ‘We Care’ program at RedBalloon. Now I donate my speaking fees directly so our team can volunteer at charities of their choice.

What others say about Naomi as a speaker:

“In a sea of potential presenters, Naomi Simson is one of the best there is. During her keynote she created considerable interest with RedBalloon and other examples, but also demonstrated a deep knowledge of business, people and organisational issues that people at management level related to and learnt from. There was an overwhelming sense of warmth and satisfaction after the events, much of it based on Naomi being a living example of what she preaches and putting it within reach of others.”

Ken Boundy, Chairman, Acelero

“Animated, dynamic, amusing…Naomi personifies RedBalloon’s culture. As a guest speaker at a Hudson Human Resources celebration, Naomi’s candid insights, self-deprecating humour and unapologetic passion for her business kept the audience engaged, entertained and challenged to think differently. I highly recommend Naomi as an inspirational speaker.”

Tracy Noon, Chief Human Resources Officer, Hudsons

“Thanks, Naomi, for the fantastic presentation at our ‘Talent Xchange Conference’ last week. We have had a stack of unsolicited feedback from delegates saying things like: ‘Naomi was amazing, I am going to implement changes immediately’, and ‘That was great, we will definitely be rethinking our engagement strategy’. Thank you for making our conference such a big hit!”

Bruce Morton, Business Development Director, Talent2

“Naomi, Thank you so much for passionately presenting to our senior women leaders yesterday. You were an absolute inspiration. Everyone’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive.”

Angela Mentis, Executive General Manager, National Australia Bank Private Wealth

Naomi presents a number of inspiring keynotes . Please email Claire Young or call 02 8755 0040 to discuss Naomi as a keynote for your next event.

*Professor Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University and Dr Leaf Van Boven of the University of Colorado in their paper published 2003 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, sourced from Ross Gittins, The Age.