Shark Tank Australia

Prior to joining Channel Ten’s Shark Tank in 2014 – I had begun some angel investing in a range of start ups. I was a foundation member of Scale Investors and had done a number of direct investments. There are a number of very exciting and memorable pitches from the first two seasons of Shark Tank

Hegs (pegs with Hooks)

The award winning HEG: Designed with dual hooks to maximise hanging space, an ergonomic grip for ease of use and a grip lock system that holds washing taut on the clothesline, the HEG keeps your washing secure and reduces the need for ironing.

Sonsee Woman

Hosiery available for plus size women was badly sized and uncomfortable. So Sonsee designed for plus size shapes and created beautiful, strong, seamless garments that are comfortable, flattering, durable, and luxurious.


Vegepod Container Gardens are simply the easiest way to grow your own vegetables. You get the size of a raised garden bed with all the benefits of container gardens. Plus you get all the features of the eco-climate covers that extend growing seasons and accelerate plant growth.

Little Fairy Door

Helping children through difficult childhood stages… Special little Fairy Doors allows ‘fairies’, from time to time, to leave notes of encouragement for good behaviour, special gifts & rewards to show they’ve been watching.

Most people ask me ‘How are they going – have you made a fortune on them?’ One thing I do know is that all businesses take longer and are harder than anyone expected. Business is not linear – they have great months and not so great months. They encounter setbacks and roadblocks followed by a run of great luck. What I love doing is using my connections, networks, knowledge and ingenuity to help them grow. I have regular catch ups and a rhythm of communication with all my invested companies.

Who knows who I will meet (and fall a little bit in love with) in Series Three on air in 2017.

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