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In 2009 I went undercover as part of Channel Nine’s Secret Millionaire program – I wrote a series of posts about my experience culminating in some clear insights

  • We all need a friend: Everyone has a story and every person needs to be heard – if we have a friend life is so much better
  • Money is not the answer: Whilst money is a facilitator it is not the answer – money can be destructive.
  • Volunteering is essential: Our community would not function without the billions of hours given by volunteers – We get so much when we give our time.
  • Anyone can do what I did: Anyone and everyone can give their time, listening and love to make a difference to others (you don’t have to have money to do it.)

I joined Channel Ten’s Shark Tank team in 2014 – we are currently in production for Series 3 which is set to air in 2017. The format is now produced in more than 20 countries and inspired innovation and start-ups on every corner of the globe. I have been tagged as the #redshark firm but fair always with a piece of advice and a warm smile for those pitching. But for the sake of 15 years, it might well have been me pitching my startup idea. All the Sharks are self-made and that is why the show works… each of us knows what it is like to come from nothing.

As part of the promotion of my books, Shark Tank and my thoughts on small business and innovation I have appeared on a number of radio and TV programs including Nova breakfast, ABC radio national, Studio 10, The Project and with much glee Family Feud.

I have been a columnist for Smart Company, The Australian, BRW (when in print) and Marketing Magazine.

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  • Who's that? @whomagazine spread feat. Dexter 🐶 on sale today! There's even a peek into my closet - you'd never guess what my favourite colour is... here's a hint: it's not red. Any ideas?
  • Oh what a party to celebrate 20 years of business ownership ... my kind of story #congratulations @laurenebmc and team at #hmmg #growth
  • How do I grow and scale my business?⠀
It's a question I get asked by many people and I know how hard that task can be. I have had many challenges as I've scaled my businesses and I have found that there is no set and forget. I am continually learning and developing ways to improve. That is my journey and I am not sure of yours… but so I can remain customer focused, I'd like to help you. 
Click the link in my bio to send me your questions. Each fortnight my team and I pick a question that resonates for the collective, and hopefully I can head you in the right direction:⠀
#smallbusiness #growandscale #askmeaquestion
  • In business they may well call this a pivot... in my view it is the small adjustments that a business owner makes each day as they listen to customers and respond
  • I love a #growth story Congratulations team @vegepod what a ride we are on!


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