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In 2012 I was selected as one of only two Australians to be a part of the 150 foundation influencers from around the world. With close to 1.5million followers and more than 150 posts covering topics from leadership to happiness, productivity to small business – and an occasional dabble into social trends, innovation and parenting. With the likes of Richard Branson, Jack Welsh, Barrack Obama and Arianna Huffington and Bill Gates. According to LinkedIn I don’t just have the biggest following in Australia – but I am the seventh most followed woman in the world.

People say that the reason for my following is because I write the way I speak, I am short and to the point, I have an opinion and a post regularly.

I have been posting ideas and thoughts on twitter for about six years. My 30,000+ followers attract more than 1 million impressions during the airing of Shark Tank. When not on air this averages about 200,000 impressions.

Only in the last year or so have I started using Instagram as almost a personal diary tool. Now with more than 10,000 followers it gives a visual insight into my varied and interesting life. I will often post quotes that have inspired me, photo’s of where I am or who I am meeting. I have fun with it.

I’m beginning to do more with my FaceBook page… especially since the ANZ Live sessions where I get to interview a variety of entrepreneurs, founders and small business people. The most recent interview has had more than 120k views

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