I Believe….

“If it is meant to be it is up to me”

This blog is my journey – as an entrepreneur and as an advocate for great workplaces: the sum of my own personal experiences as a business owner, leader, speaker and mother. What I get right, what I get wrong, and all the adventures in between.

I have written Live What You Love and Ready To Soar as a way of sharing my experience and inspiration with people I might never get to meet. Being a Shark on Network TENs Shark Tank Australia is a privilege and if you have an idea and wish to be a part of the show please leave your details here. http://www.sharktankcasting.com.au/

Your questions, comments and feedback all help make this blog the inspiring business resource I want it to be. So please, subscribe, get involved and have your say!

I believe:

• That being a business owner takes bravery – to start is the easy part, to scale is the challenge

• That passion, persistence, positivity and purpose are key elements for success, especially in leadership

That great workplaces are those where people get to do their best work and when they do it delivers a commercial success for all

• That businesses of any size that look after the wellbeing of its people, stakeholders and community will thrive

• That when people feel connected, are mentally and physically fit, when they learn, are recognised and have an opportunity to give – they become the best version of themselves

• That what I learn is better shared, that I can be a role model to other business owners and that our journey together is richer being part of a community.

Moments I am a little proud of:

• Building the Redii.com team in 2015 to help other businesses have passionate people – now serving close to 20,000 users

• Being a part of Channel Ten’s Shark Tank in 2015, 2016 and set to be 2017

• Being the 2011 national winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award – Industry Category

• Winning the 2008 national Telstra Business Women’s Awards for Innovation

• RedBalloon voted as one of Australia’s Best Places to Work by BRW 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013

• Hewitt ranking RedBalloon with a 97% employee engagement score – especially given the average in Australia is just 54%!

• Leveraging our business success to support our volunteer work

• Being selected as a LinkedIn Influencer (with more than 1.8m subscribers)

Enjoy the journey with me – and if you would like, subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

My Values

Connection – The people around me feel safe and supported, free to be vulnerable knowing that I believe ‘all for one, and one for all’.

Fit – That to be a leader I must look after myself (and those around me). I understand peak performance is physical and mental, and is only possible when I invest in it. I ‘walk the talk’.

Growth – Learning for me is a daily ritual. I am curious, interested and take risks, then I analyse, teach and share what I’ve discovered. ‘My grasp is always beyond my reach’.  

Give – I am generous with my time, our skills, knowledge and our resources. ‘If I do not touch a life, I am not touching life’.

Notice – I notice and celebrate contribution. I also hold myself to account to transparency and I am prepared to ask the hard questions.  ‘I give a shit’.

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