Fit to be an entrepreneur.

Some people shudder just to read the word fitness; others instantly feel a dull sense of guilt in the pit of their stomach, others of course live for it. Wellness, fitness, nutrition – are not things that you would expect to hear about from me. Looking after myself though is one of my responsibilities. I have so many people that count on me… not just my children, husband, family and friends, but the RedBallooners, our suppliers, customers, and the broader communities that I contribute to.

I’m no spring chicken, and I was alarmed recently to discover a few aches and pains. Fitness has never been a natural thing for me. I have really had to work very hard to discipline myself to get out and go for a run, turn up to the gym, or do a yoga practice.

Instead of just telling myself ‘to grow old gracefully’, I decided I needed an insight into my overall health; a snapshot of how old my body is – not just how old it feels. I discovered that my body is considered to be six years younger than I actually am. Needless to say I was thrilled. (This snapshot assessment is now a RedBalloon experience – and probably a perfect gift to give that ‘fabulous father’ who keeps telling you how young he is.)

The naturopath gave me a printed report and said with just a few alterations to my lifestyle – I could feel amazing – and keep my body even younger.

So I have taken on drinking much more water. And for a month I am ‘detoxing’ which means: no dairy, wheat, alcohol, sugar; and increasing my fish oil and magnesium. Only a week has passed and I feel like a new woman. And I know it is working because the kids are telling me ‘you are soooo embarrassing’ full of the joys of life.

Worth a try – and I am going to stop referring to myself as ‘the old chook’ and start acting like a spring chicken.

I was at my gym this morning (Vision Drummoyne) and one of the quotes on the wall was… “If you want to make your dreams come true – first you must wake up”… kind of cute.

(I suppose sharing this with everyone – will help hold me to account – my detox is due to finish 21 September – and I am keeping a food diary so I can see what I do eat – which is equally tough.)

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  1. 2 September 2010 at 7:02 pm

    Growing old “gracefully” takes effort I do believe. A friend and I used to say we are not running or working out for the present but preserving ourselves for the future! Enjoy what you are doing there are enough exercise and activities out there to keep us flexible and healthy that I am sure you will find something that you enjoy.

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