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I’m a marketer and a ‘sucker’ for new things… but the shear volume of messages that I’m bombarded with each day overwhelms. It is very hard to be a remarkable ‘purple cow’ as Seth Godin implored – when everyone is claiming to be a ‘purple cow.’

Real cut through comes from the authentic experience someone has of a brand.

At RedBalloon we just figure that rather than making ‘promises’ and ‘ trying to sell’ stuff – we will just let people know what we stand for.

I was very chuffed to read this blog post (well done team)

Really, we are just a bunch of passionate people who are all focused on making sure that we deliver amazing experiential gifts…. We so understand that people have a choice and we are so appreciative when people choose us.

Marketing has come along way from the 1950’s – but the premise is the same – “I want to know that I am dealing with someone real – and what you stand for”

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  1. Posted August 17, 2010 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi Naomi,

    I agree and in my line of work only authentic people survive. I have learned to open my attitude and reap the benefits rather than hiding behind branding and qualifications. When I raise capital for entrepreneurs the investors always want to know the person first.


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    Glad you like the post Naomi. You and the team are doing an amazing job at being an authentic voice in the market, which is often much harder than it seems. Keep up the great work!

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