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Not sure exactly where last weeks blog post on ‘Coming Up this week’ went. I was in Sydney all week and I had a highly productive week as we head towards the end of the financial year.

There was my philanthropic activities – Best Buddies board meeting – Sydney Sings session (more welcome – Tuesday nights from 5.30 – 7.00) and also attending the Olympic Team Farewell dinner which is a fundraising event.

In addition we had Bronwyn Sheehan – from the Pajama Foundation come and share her story with the RedBallooners (and we all wore our PJs – which I think was just a big excuse to be comfy at work – so funny we are interviewing for new Customer Experience executives and the interviews were on the same day as we were ‘swanning’ around in our jimjams – who knows what they thought.) The Foundation is committed to providing angels to kids in foster care throughout Australia (there are 39,000) to read with them at least once a week… she has currently recruited 900 volunteers – they match with kids locally. So if anyone is interested in being a volunteer – it is a training and selection process and then you are away. (click here)

I did speak at the Eastern Region E&Y  2012 finalists breakfast – as well as finished one of my own personal promises (as part of this trimesters – Edge of Glory theme – just waiting for my medal to be delivered).

Coming up this week

Monday: One on One’s
: Adelaide – for the Proteus Leadership Centre
: RedBalloon board meeting And Speaking for the CBA at and event in Homebush
Attending the E&Y Driving Growth Lunch
Working on my personal promises.

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  • Who is loving the new season of @sharktankau ME!!! See you tomorrow night on TEN after @masterchefau 💃🦈
  • Lovely conversation with @katewaterhouse7 for the @sydneymorningherald today thanks @betabarsydney for hosting
  • Walking in the 'shoes of our customers' #brg17 @redballoonexperiences @getredii @wrappedbyredballoon #myredballoon #tropical @portdouglas
  • So much fun out on the Great Barrier Reef today with the @redballoonexperiences @getredii and @wrappedbyredballoon teams ❤️🎈💃 #brg17 #bigredgroup #myredballoon
  • Had a ball on set for @theloopeleven tune in now.... 📺💃🏼


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