Coming up this week 25 Oct 2010

Last week ended up being completely frantic… I attended four learning events in addition to presenting at three other events. I did two client visits and attended one charity fund raiser. I had a very embarrassing moment at the RedKite Trivia Quiz night in Sydney  – I was on a team with Georgie Gardner, Tony […]

Coming up this week – 18 October 2010

This past week disappeared quickly – I enjoyed attending the AFR leadership conference. I noted one of the other guests commented that the female speakers share stories and let you inside their businesses – whilst the male speakers tell you what to do… quite a vast contrast in the quality of the speakers. I especially […]

Coming up week of 11 Oct 10

This past week has been massive – that almost cannot remember where it began (I have travelled about 3500kms). I did hear early on in the week from my friend Marty Wilson, that Seth Godin is hosting an exclusive 3 day think tank for 12 Female Entrepreneurs early in November – so I got my […]

Coming up this week

My wee brain has been in overload this week – learning as much as I can… I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, to learn and discover new things. I find that when I am with people who also have an inquiring mind that conversations get vivid and very interesting. This week I attended the […]

Coming up this week

This week was frantic – I suspect it is that Christmas preparations are now in full swing. Working with our retailers, and distribution partners to make sure we have the right product in the right place in plenty of time. Also working with many businesses on inspiring their people. Apart from the trip to Melbourne […]

Coming up this week.

I learned many things this week – from many people, Sir Richard, Paul Cave AM (Founder and Chairman BridgeClimb), Bill Evans  (Westpac Chief Economist) and many others. It has been a frantic week. All the people I met, or heard this week delivered resoundingly positive messages. I was glad to hear that according to Bill, […]

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Coming up this week

I have done my tap dance round Queensland this week for the AIM Management excellence awards. Cairns, Townsville and Sunshine Coast. Three presentations in 2 days… I had a delightfully productive week though. I learned what FOMO was ‘fear of missing out’ and that is the hardest thing about being away. Missing Friday night with […]

Coming up this week.

I am still in the Bay of Islands and thinking about the week just past. Three speaking engagements, I got to speak to HR professionals, Bankers, and Entrepreneurs… it is such a privilege to meet all these new people. At the Morgo think tank, my presentation was to follow a Sean Gourley who spoke on […]

Coming up this week.

I had a great time at the Business Chicks lunch this week.  The photo is of Janine Allis, myself, Kristina Karlson (Congratulations on her EY Entrepreneur of the Year Southern Region win) and Natalie Bloom – who popped in to support the conversation. One of the questions from the audience was on mentoring – and […]

Where is Naomi… this week

Speaking with my new RedBalloon colleague Philippa Lowe this week, she has joined the business to support the communications efforts. She asked me the obvious question ”What do you do in a week?” I mentioned what I get up to and she responded “well if I’m interested in what you are doing other people might […]

It’s time to plan for an exciting year.

It’s planning and review season at RedBalloon – everything seems to happen at this time of year. And this year it will be tougher to produce the operational plan when we still don’t know how the economy will impact us. I’d like to think that the planning process is more than a bunch of ‘guesstimates’. […]